Surfboard Weddings!

We’re excited to offer the addition of Surfboard Weddings to our Maui wedding packages! If you don’t surf, don’t worry! Our large paddleboards are easy to balance on. The package comes with flowers, photography, and everything you need for your special day. Find out more about our Surfboard Wedding package, or check out the photos from one of our recent surfboard weddings below.

Christian + Gina’s Hawaiian Wedding

We just love the simple elegance that comes with a Hawaiian beach wedding. With toes in the sand, our couples get to experience elements of the Hawaiian culture like the blowing of the conch shell with traditional Hawaiian dress, music, maile leaf leis, and a Hawaiian ceremony, all performed by our talented team. You’ll feel like you’ve experienced part of Old Hawaii will take that feeling with you from this special place we call home.

Brian + Mia’s Maui Beach Wedding

Brian and Mia couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day to celebrate their wedding! When you’re a wedding planner on Maui, sometimes the weather can be a little unpredictable. We were blessed with slightly overcast skies which let in some beautiful light. The happy couple chose our De Luxe Circle of tropical flowers in the sand to go with their traditional Hawaiian leis and bouquet. The talented photography team at Marbelle captured the day just as it was meant to be. Congratulations to Brian and Mia on your special day!

30 Year Vow Renewal at Makena Cove

Viktor and Ingrid traveled all the way from Vienna to Maui to celebrate their 30 year vow renewal. We designed a beautiful ceremony complete with some gorgeous florals and hula. Officiated by Reverend Laki, it was the perfect day for a Maui beach vow renewal with this happy couple!

Hugo & Cynthia’s Maui Beach Wedding

Hugo and Cynthia experienced their dream Maui beach wedding with their families on an absolutely gorgeous day. Led in by the unmistakable sound of the blowing on the conch shells, They exchanged leis in traditional Hawaiian fashion, enjoyed beautiful music on the ukulele and celebrated the joyous occasion with smiles and shakas all around!

Photos by the talented Marbelle Wedding Photography.

4 Must-Have Tips for Your Maui Destination Wedding

Maui is quickly becoming a popular location for destination weddings, and for good reason! If you’re planning to get married on Maui, let us spoil you with a few helpful tips to keep in mind when planning for your special day. We have had the pleasure of working with couples from all over the world, and these are just a few of the most helpful tidbits we’ve discovered:

#1: Hire a wedding planner

We totally get it! A wedding planner telling you to hire a wedding planner. But, the truth is, the time spent not worrying about every little detail of your wedding and actually enjoying the time of your engagement pays dividends later. Having a wedding planner in your corner, one who knows all of the wedding beaches on Maui and has contacts with vendors, photographers, and not to mention knows the intricacies of this island we call home is worth its weight in gold. The best part is, it probably costs less than you think.


The rumor is that Maui doesn’t have seasons, which is true for the most part. But what we do have is slight variations in the weather depending on the time of year. I guess you could call them mini-seasons! For the most part, it’s 87 degrees and sunny, but towards Fall and Winter, you will see more overcast skies and a better chance of showers. We perform weddings year-round, and some couples just love the soft light and gorgeous sunsets that come with an overcast sky. Be sure to plan around the weather for the best chance at your ideal wedding day.


Hawaii is about 2500 miles from the US mainland, which is a fair trek for any wedding guest! Be sure to take travel and accommodations into account when planning your destination wedding. Maui has a number of fantastic hotels and vacation rentals near the best beaches on the island, not to mention the fresh local cuisine and fun activities for the entire family. Ancient Hawaiian Weddings can give you recommendations to turn your destination wedding into a fun mini-vacation for your guests, making the time spent on Maui just that much more special for all in attendance.

#4: Don’t try to do too much

The old adage holds true: Keep it simple! There is SO much great information on the web for planning destination weddings that your picture perfect day can quickly become overwhelming. After planning hundreds of Maui weddings, couples tell us that the most important part of their day was having time to enjoy it with those they love. Part of hiring a professional to plan your wedding is alleviating you from the stresses of the day so you can just be with your people and fully experience the joys of having your wedding on this gorgeous island.


At Ancient Hawaiian Weddings, we have helped hundreds of couples achieve their dream of a perfect Maui beach wedding. We’d love to chat with you if you’re thinking about getting married here, or just have a few questions about this island we call home.

Julia & Dimitri’s Wedding

Julia and Dimitri had originally wanted to visit our islands earlier than February, but a little “surprise” got in their way- so they had to wait 3 months to make sure the baby would make the long trip from Russia to Hawaii! The Bride’s hair and makeup was done at 5:00 a.m. !!! thanks to fabulous Jackie Cavallo who did not mind to wake at 3:30 in order to be at their hotel this early. Julia wore the perfect gown which almost hid her little baby bump and they opted for an early morning ceremony at Makena cove because they were hoping for a beach all to themselves. Laki Kaahumanu and Kaniala Masoe helped to make the ceremony intimate, fun and memorable. We hope to meet their baby soon as they are planning to return to these islands.

Photos by Maui Wedding Photographer Joe D’Alessandro

Jasmin & Kevin’s wedding on Paipu Beach

Jasmin and Kevin loved their special butterfly release at sunset on Paipu Beach in Makena. Jasmin’s dress was like a fairy tale come true. She looked amazing and took care of her own hair and makeup. Kevin’s parents had gotten married 12 years earlier with our help in a private tropical garden on Maui and had wanted us to arrange their son’s wedding as well. Reverend Laki Kaahumanu had married them 12 years ago and was available to perform the ceremony which made it all even a bit more unique. Being a true Hawaiian, Laki’s tatoes are usually covered up during his ceremony but since Jasmin’s tatoes were showing, he was not shy about showing his.

Photography by Francois Laborde.

Private Maui Wedding

Sonja and Etienne’s dream of getting married in Hawaii finally came true when they exchanged their vows on a quiet beach in Makena with only the ocean as their witness. The petite Bride was worried that too many flowers might overpower her 90 pound frame, so she selected a single but full strand orchid and plumeria lei with matching hair flowers brought to her by stylist Jackie and a tropical bouquet to go along. Etienne opted to have his traditional open ti leaf Maile lei wrapped with the same flowers his Bride was wearing as her lei, so they both matched perfectly both inside and out. Congratulations to the both of them on their future together!

Sweet Memories

Nicole and Stefan’ dream of getting married on a quiet beach on Maui came true today when they tied the knot this morning in Makena. Hair stylist Jackie Cavallo met the Bride at 5:30 a.m. in her hotel room! Reverend Laki Kaahumanu and Kaniala Masoe on Ukulele made them laugh and cry while exchanging their vows. Photographer Yolanda Pelayo captured their happiness. Congratulations to this young and sweet couple!